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【Easy to Wear and Adjustable Harness】
This cat harness with leash set features the magic tape and back buckle design to ensure a safe closure and prevent the cat from slipping out. Made for convenience and functionality, the cat vest harness is easy to get on and off. The adjustable shoulder strap creates a perfect fit for your kitten and has a certain amount of room for growth.
(Reminder: Please give the cat some time to get familiar with this strap when using it for the first time)

【Super Comfortable】
This truly comfortable harness is made of high-quality fabrics and selected deerskin velvet, soft and close-fitting. With a soft edge, it can effectively prevent injuries and provide extra comfort and protection.

【Cat Safety Harness】
You can attach the long, sturdy leash to the metal leash clip on the back, allowing your kitty to explore the great nature safely and enjoyably. Its vest-style design can evenly distribute leash pressure across the chest and shoulder to prevent choking or neck strain.

【Improved Safety Design】
The fast-release buckle and metal D-rings ensure that your cat will stay securely in the harness while you are out on your daily walks. For additional safety, our escape-proof cat harness has a reflective strips design, which can keep your kitty always visible even at night.

【Comfortable Outdoor Harness】
This comfortable cat harness will snugly fit your feline friend’s body. Soft and lightweight, suitable for daily walking, jogging, training, and any outdoor recreations. Also, a perfect comfort harness when you’re taking your kitty to an unfamiliar place.

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Now, your indoor cat can bravely explore the outdoor world with maximum comfort and safety. Placing a harness on your cat is not only ideal for walking, exercising, or going on a trip, but it’s also a great idea any time you’re taking your sensitive kid to an unfamiliar place, like the vet or groomer.

✓ Best cat harness for walking.
A durable metal leash ring ensures a full control
Bright reflective strips, add great visibility
Resistant material, weather-resistant, built to last.
Soft edge, would not rub against sensitive skin.

✓ Double protection with velcro and buckle, powerful buckle & adjustable design.
The back release buckle is designed for easy-on and easy-off use. Easy buckle closure for a nice and secure fitting.
The magic tapes on the back make it easy for merging and detachment. It’s also flexible to adjust to fit your cat and the magic tapes stay well in place. Walk the cat easily and travel freely.

✓ Breathable fabric
Selected breathable deerskin velvet, soft and close-fitting, the cat will not break free.

✓ Reflective strip design
Made of soft and breathable deerskin velvet, which gives your cat a soft hug, and reduces your kitty’s anxiety.

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How to put on and adjust the car harness?

1. Selected breathable deerskin velvet, soft and close-fitting, the cat will not break free.

2. Adjust the magic tape position to make the harness fit your cat. Then stick the Velcro.

3. Adjust the strap to ensure that the harness is secure, but not too tight. Clasp the strap using the buckle.

4. To tighten the strap: Feed the strap through the sliders, bringing the sliders closer to the front Logo.

5. To extend the strap: Pull the sliders away from the front Logo.

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Pet Suitability and Size
The cat harnesses are available in 5 sizes. Please see the details below to pick the best one for you:

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Colors: Vibrant Orange, Classic Blue, Beautiful Powder
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
Material: Suede 

Q: Is this small cat harness machine washable?
A: We are sorry this cat harness is not suitable for machine washing. We would recommend you hand wash it to assure longer service life.

Q: How do I choose the size?
A: You’ll need to measure the cat’s middle section, behind the armpits. Also, measure the cat’s neck closer to the base of the neck. The product page has a picture that tells you which size to order based on the measurements.

Q: If my cat is not used to this, how can I make him get used to it?
A: Time and practice. No cat likes something new. Put the harness on for like 30 mins at a time and let her get used to it. Then take off and do it again later. Do as often as you decide. Coax her with love and treats.

Q: What kind of material is this small pet harness?
A: Selected Breathable deerskin velvet, soft and close-fitting.

Q: How long will the goods be delivered after purchase?
A: After the order is placed, we will ship the goods within 48 hours. The logistics time is about 7-10 business days.

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