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These needle threading devices are suitable for threading a needle, especially easy for threading those needles with small needle eyes, very suitable to solve the problem of difficult threading.

Premium Material
We made all needle threaders of high-quality plastic material, lightweight and easy to store, you can get them quickly when you needed.

Easy to Use
The needle threader for hand sewing is flexible to use. Simply pass the thread through the eye of the needle, then pass the thread through the needle, and finally pull the thread from the eye of the needle, easy to operate.

Wide Application
These finger needle threaders are helpful for most sewing works, leather, denim, silk, canvas and cotton, embroidery, Cross Stitching, quilting, crafting, jewelry making, and sewing products so on.


Product Dimensions: 1.6 x 0.8 in (4 x 2 cm)
Weight: 10 g
Color: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green & Pink
Material: High-Quality ABS


1 x Needle threader

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