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These tarp clips are designed to give you a quick solution when you are in a need to secure a tarp or need an anchor point for your rope, bungee cord with or without eyelets hang any cover to create a canopy.

These locking clamps provide an instant anchor point to attach any standard bungee cord, tie-down or rope, help you grip the object directly with superior holding power.

Stays Firmly in Place Our tarp clips securely attach to your tarps or blankets.

The alligator mouth is specifically designed to offer a more stable closing between the tarp and clip, allows a more effective clamp only by squeezing it.

Simple to Install and Remove Easy-to-use tightening screw.

The rotational lock allows you to tighten or loosen in order to customize the tightness of the adjustment of thin or thick covers, no worry about damaging or detaching your tent or canvas.

Multi-purpose Functions Tarp clips are designed to provide outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, and adventurers with a versatile and easily storable accessory.

Convenient for any use: Outdoor camping, tent, awning, canvas, tarpaulins, and more.

Strong Gripping Power

 Heavy duty tarp clips designed with adjustable spiral thumb screws, alligator mouth with teeth holds tarps much more stable.

Durable Material

 Made of durable PA material, waterproof and breakage-proof, you can reuse these tarp clips for a long time.

Easy Application

 Easy to install or remove, just tighten or loosen the screw knob to adjust on thick or thin tarps.

(The jaws can be opened about 0.25 inch to perfectly suit heavy duty tarps)

Lightweight Size

 It is lightweight to carry anywhere, the hole is 0.5 inch in diameter so you can stretch it with elastic rope/hook without any difficulty.

Functional Usage

 Great for tarps, outdoor camping/picnics, canvas, awnings, boat covers, tents, swimming pool covers.


Q: Do they have to be placed on edge?

A: They can be used at whatever angle you want as long as you can get a proper grip.

Q: Is the clamping force of tarp clips good?

A: Clamping force seems real good and if in doubt add another to distribute the resistance. I used clamps to hold up a piece of 12 x 6 foot outdoor carpeting to cover side of screened in porch. Spaced clamps about a foot apart. Worked great.

Q: Will tarp clips break under direct sunlight?

A: I use it as an awning. It is made of high-strength nylon. It is currently used very well.

Q: Is the clip suitable for use somewhere?

A: I used it to fix the car cover and it worked very well. I’m not sure where to use it, any cover fabric that needs to be fixed should be able to use it.

Q: Does tarp clips withstand winds?

A: I use mine to secure a car cover to my car and they have upheld under high winds very nicely.

Q: Can I fix it with the swimming pool cover?

A: Yes, I bought it and used it as a clip to fix the swimming pool cover, it worked very well.

Q: Will the jaws close entirely and tightly ( hopefully they do) when nothing is placed between the jaws?

A: The screw forces the jaws together when nothing is in them.


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