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Hawaiian Turtle Woodcarving

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🐢Turtle provides direction and representation of long life and good luck

It was because back then the fishermen had to rely on the sun, the moon, the stars, the current of the ocean for navigation when they are at sea. What happens if they are in the middle of the darkness and there is no moon, stars, or sun around them?

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They look for the turtle and follow them because the turtle often swims back to the shore.

Hawaiian Turtle WoodCarving is the perfect decoration that can be placed at home or in the gardenblessing the health of the family and increasing the good luck of the whole family.

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The coconut represents the Hawaii state.
The spearhead design represents the courageous spirit of the warrior.

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Material: Monkeypod/Miluo wood
Production method: hand-carved
Product Size:

Height: 8 inches
Width: 6 inches


1 X Hawaiian Turtle WoodCarving

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⏰⏰NOTE: Each Hawaiian Turtle Woodcarving is unique and made by hands, that’s why a small deviation from the photos in the listing is possible.  

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