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Game Cases

Available for iPhone & Samsung

A Must-Have Case

Play the Gameboy Case anywhere you want! Whether you’re at the airport, on a plane, or waiting for an Uber, the Gameboy Case is your perfect retro portable game partner, a must-have companion to kill time and stress.

Loaded With Fun

The Gameboy Case has some classic all-time favorites like Super Mario Bros, Pacman, Galaga, Donkey Kong, and more.

36 Built-In Games

Different from other phone cases on the market, our Gameboy Case has a retro design with 36 built-in games

Battery & Charging

Our built-in lithium-ion battery takes 1 hour to charge & gives you up to 6 hours of gameplay per charge. Includes Micro USB cable for charging.

The Gameboy Case has a removable screen protective film to keep your case’s screen scratch-free and dustproof.

Easy To Use

Inspired by the design of Handheld Consoles, this case is very easy to use with 7 buttons

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