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Waist trimming and thigh shaping underwear. Who would have thought that simply wearing something could aid so much of this!

Constructed with Anti-Cellulite Technology that increases body heat while in contact with the skin.

Helps boost fat tissue breakdown and metabolism.

The optimal compression help flattens the abdomen and helps removes bulges for achieving an hourglass figure and toned silhouette.

Perfect for exercises, normal daily routines, or any physical activities.

Boosts thermogenic activity to stimulate lipid metabolism

Removes excess water and toxins accumulated

Provides optimal compression to flatten abdomen and eliminate bulges/muffin tops.

Excellent moisture-wicking ability.


Material: Latex-free Neoprene

Size Product: 10.63 x 16.14″

Fit for 90-140 pounds

Care Instructions:

Machine wash

Air dry recommended for maintaining the shaper in its best condition for long-term use.


How does it work?

Constructed with Magnet Power Technology that increases body heat while in contact with the skin, the shaper boosts fat tissue breakdown & metabolism.

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