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Dough Lattice Cutter

Be a pie dough master with this versatile pastry cutter set!🥧

This Wheel Cutter & Decorator Set will take your baked goodies to next level! Whether you like lattice design or classic ruffled edges, simply roll on the dough using these wheel cutter to add a delicate finish on your delicious treats.

Designed to produce uniform strips of pastry to pie crimpersmake ravioli, and decorate confections into elegant leaf shapes, the option with this set is endless! Durably made with non-stick materials, it is easy to use and clean with zero sticky residues.


Beautiful Pie Dough Crusts
Designed with two styles including fluted edge and straight, smooth edge that makes them ideal for making decorative cuts in a pastry dough.

Classy Leaf-Shaped Plunger

Multiple Use
Perfect for making beautiful lattice crusts, crimped edges, decorative pastries and ravioli. It also helps create waved edges on a pizza dough that gives it a very authentic feel. 

Easy to Hold & Use
Provides the perfect nonslip grip for a smooth cutting and plunging action.

Quickly and cleanly cut through pastry using this set without building up butter and other confections. Safe for dishwasher.

Durably Made
Made with sturdy, non-toxic and food-grade plastic for long-term use, it is the must-have tool set in your kitchen.

Easy to Clean


Material: BPA-Free Plastic

Plunger Size: 1cm / 0.39 inches

Pastry Wheel Size: 3 x 2 x 4 inches


Set A – 2 Pastry Wheel Cutter

Set B – 2 Pastry Wheel Cutter and 1 Decorating Plunger Set

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