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Double Sided Magnetic Window Cleaner

Wash and dry both sides of the windows at the same time. Get twice the result with just half the effort. it can be used for sliding window cleaning, doors, vehicle windows, shower screens, mirrors, and any glass surfaces.

The Glass Double-Sided Window Cleaner makes window cleaning an absolute breeze and less of a chore. This useful tool not only cleans the inside of your windows but the outside too… both at the same time! It works by using built-in magnets that are strong enough to grip together through any double-glazing windows. Super durable and lasts for years saving you a ton of money!



Equipped with an anti-fall rope making it completely safe to use

Triangular shape design to reduce frictional resistance

Magnetic double-sided window cleaner

Can be used on any glass surface including shower screens, mirrors, patio doors, car windows etc.

Built-in water storage sponge so you won’t need to repeat adding water



STEP 1: Attach the outside part to a safety cord.

STEP 2: Separate the two parts of the wiper

STEP 3~4: Dip the outside part in soap or cleaning liquid.

STEP 5~6: Put it on the glass and use the inside magnetic part to control it.


Material: ABS+Magnetic Steel+Rubber

Color: Red


Customer Question & Answer:

Question: Can I change the cleaning cloth inside the glass wipe?
Answer: Yes, this glass wipe can replace the cleaning cloth and rubber strip inside. 

Question: what kind of cleaner is used straight water, or use dawn dish soap with this product?
Answer: Hi, You can use simple water and also use water with dish soap,
but the best thing is to use water with a little bit of vinegar and soap that will give you the perfect result

Question: I see that it can adjust the size of the magnetic field. Can I use it on my single-sided and double-sided glass?
Answer: Yes, you can use it as long as your glass thickness is between 0.3” and 1.2”. It has a total of five gears. Each gear can be adjusted to a different magnetic field. You need to choose the right gear according to the thickness of the glass.

Question: Is the magnet strong enough to use on double-paned windows?
Answer: This magnetic glass wiper is specially designed for single or double-glazed windows 0.3″-1.2″ thickness, and the magnet is strong enough.

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