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Charming Eyebrow Creator

Maintain your brows using this gentle Charming Eyebrow Creator.
No need to tweeze.
Effortlessly remove stray and small, hard-to-reach hairs.
With a built-in LED light, you’ll never miss a spot!

Beautiful brows

Gentle & pain-free

Portable, easy to use

The built-in blade of the electric eyebrow trimmer is of arc-shaped eyebrow shape, which is anti-scratch fashion and beautiful, and convenient to carry. In contrast, the edge of the traditional manual eyebrow trimmer knife is close to the skin, it is difficult to grasp the strength, and it is easy to scratch if you are not careful.

The precision head can be used in 360 all around. It is to be used on the top and bottom of brows and  in between eyebrows instantly and painlessly erase unwanted and stray eyebrow hair.


Instantly and painlessly sweeps away unwanted hair.

The head is hypo-allergenic Gentle enough to use every day.

Safe to the touch.

Built-in LED light.

Discreet and portable so you can use it anytime, anywhere.

The new gold standard and first precision hair remover that instantly and painlessly sweeps away unwanted hair for stunningly beautiful brows!


Battery version
1 × Electric eyebrow repairer (battery not included), cleaning brush, instruction manual

USB version
1 × Electric eyebrow repairer, USB line, cleaning brush, instruction manual

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