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It’s a fact that Sunlight and UV Radiation are the main causes of interior damages. Stylish and compact the Umbrella Sunshade is a high-quality sunlight protector that keeps the car’s interior temperature cool and effectively stops direct ultraviolet radiations.   

Protect the Dashboard: A combination of UV radiation from the sun and the extreme heat that builds up inside the car can significantly damage the dashboard. Repairing such damage is expensive because you will be forced to replace most dashboard components.

The Electrical components: Your car’s electrical components are susceptible to damage if left exposed to unfiltered UV rays over a significant period. These include the radio, navigation system, and electrical connections under the dashboard or even on the floor of the vehicle.

✓ Upholstery & Leather: With continued UV exposure, your car’s upholstery may begin to deteriorate. If you have leather seat upholstery, excess heat and sunlight dry out natural oils contained in the leather. They may start to dry out, stiffen, and crack.

✓ The Rubber: When exposed to the sun, your car’s rubber weather stripping can suffer from sun rot.

Easy to Use: Very simple to use, just open the Sunshade and place it directly in front of the windshield and secure it with the sun visors. It can be easily closed when not in use!

✓ Easy to carry: The umbrella design makes it small, stylish, and easy to carry!

Durable: The High-quality material used makes the Sunshade wear resistance, aging resistance, and impact resistance!


Small: 65x125cm

Large: 79x145cm  

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