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🌲Self-adhesive wall paste⛄

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Whether it’s a festively decorated snowman, the radiance of beloved artistry, or festive greenery touched with snow, there are many sights that call to mind the warmest memories of winter. Now, you can bring these beloved hallmarks of seasonal cheer home with A Warm Winter Welcome Wreath.

Handcrafted with the look of fresh-cut pine. It is lavishly decorated with silvery, glittery round ornaments, silvery snowflake designs, and lifelike holly leaves and crimson berry clusters – with a dapper, hand-painted snowman sculpture and illuminated lantern at the center!

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24” Always in Bloom wreath with built-in lights, handcrafted snowman sculpture, illuminated lantern.

Brand story⛄

The merry snowman is bundled up in a real fabric scarf, festive blue bow, snow-glittered top hat, and bright ”knit” mittens. Plus, he holds a handcrafted lantern – inspired by the unique lamp post in the beloved artwork of celebrities – that lights up with golden radiance.

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