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❄ Fresh Cashmere Collected During Spring, The Main Material Of The Cashmere Product, Makes The Products Beautiful, Fashionable And Glossy

These shawls are suitable for all seasons, indoor and outdoor activities. The shawls will keep you warm when the sun sets in the breeze, and their excellent touch will make you feel comfortable.

❄ Classic Solid Color Design

The shawl is designed in various solid colors. And it is easy to wear and match with other clothes to be fashionable. The oversized one can be used as a shawl or pashmina.

With the elegant color and classic tassel, it can match your dress for a summer wedding, dinner, or some other formal occasion.

The elegant and beautiful shawl will be a perfect complement to your daily look and the most common accessory in your wardrobe. It will accompany you through pleasant work, life and travel in the future.

❄ Soft, Comfortable, Gorgeous, And Elegant Shawl Scarf

The classic pashmina shawls and wraps can be worn in any way you want, and its various colors will suit your everyday look.

It is suitable for autumn and winter, and for cool nights in spring and summer, also it can be used in air-conditioned places, office or when you are in wrap evening dresses, Bridal, Wedding, Evening Party, Formal and Special Occasion. Can be used as a neckerchief, bride gift, or leaving present as well.

If you are looking for a high-quality shawl wrap, this pashmina shawl wrap would be a good choice.


1. Please don’t wash by washing machine for its cashmere material, wash by hands with shampoo

2. Wash separately, don’t bleach, scrub, or warp, which may damage and stretch fabric

3. These pashmina scarfs fold in the chest or roll in the bay. Please don’t hang on the clothing rack for long time

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